• 2,676 local area high school students attended the Ending the Silence program, an hour long presentation that educates students about the signs of mental illness and seeks to erase the stigma among the student body. The students are given hot line numbers and local resources to turn to if they are experiencing mental health issues or having suicidal thoughts. This has already resulted in potentially life-saving crisis intervention.
  • 303 law enforcement officers from the Rock Hill Police Department, York County Sherriff’s Office, and York Technical College received Crisis Intervention Training to recognize mental illness symptoms of offenders, and de-escalate situations that could lead to harm to the officers and offenders.
  • Provided Family to Family & NAMI Basics education classes to nearly 100 family members and friends with a loved one with a mental health condition. This is a lifeline to those family members and caregivers who don’t understand what is happening to their loved one, or how to help them.
  • Facilitated 14 support group meetings monthly, reaching about 500 individuals living with a mental health condition, as well as their friends and family. Peer support is one of the most important parts of therapy for those dealing with mental health issues and their caregivers.

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