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Understanding How COVID-19 Will Impact Your Students Returning This Fall.

NAMI Piedmont Tri-County has secured exclusively for our local school community renowned author and speaker 

Heather T. Forbes LCSW  

“Getting Ready to Be Ready: Understanding How COVID-19 Will Impact Your Students Returning This Fall”  

Heather T. Forbes, LCSW, has a passion for helping children in the classroom. Trauma robs children of their curiosity, and Heather’s passion is to help these students return back to their innate love for learning. She consults and lectures extensively with both general and special education schools around the nation and globally. Her signature style is to bridge the gap between academic research and “when the rubber hits the road” classroom situations, giving teachers and school personnel the understanding and tools they need for even the most challenging of students. Heather has worked in schools with trauma-impacted students and knows firsthand how challenging it can be on a daily basis with these students. Much of her insight on understanding trauma, disruptive behaviors, and developmental delays, comes from her own experience of raising two internationally adopted children and mentoring a severely trauma-impacted young adult.

The Zoom link for this training is:

This 45-minute webinar will cover the following:

Exposure to trauma during the most critical developmental years of a child’s life can have a profound and life-long impact. So many of our children’s histories are plagued with multiple layers of chronic and prolonged abuse, abandonment, stress, and/or neglect. This current situation with school closures due to the pandemic will only exacerbate the challenges students with previous histories of trauma face every day. Even our “successful” and “regulated” students will most certainly find themselves more easily overwhelmed and challenged when getting back to the new normal. The abrupt change to our students’ lives this spring along with the unpredictability, uncertainty, fear, and isolation experienced for months will impact their ability to smoothly re-enter school this coming fall. A fresh perspective with loving but scientifically-based options for educators will be given to help their students transition back to school through the lens of connection, relationship, and healing to ensure all students are given the support they need to reach their full academic potential. Please read more about Heather Forbes and this webinar in the enclosed PDF.

1. Understand what defines trauma for a student and how this pandemic is trauma for all of our students.
2. Understand how saying you are trauma-informed is easy but being trauma-informed requires a whole-child and whole-school approach.
3. Learn the five domains of creating a trauma-informed classroom.
4. Learn five tools and techniques related to “family culture” that can be used upon returning back to school after this pandemic.

This training is exclusively available to those working with students in the school districts of Chester, Lancaster, and York Counties and/or by personal invitation only. A recording will be made available to those unable to attend this session live.  

While registration is not required for this event, please send us an email at for the ZOOM Access Link and let us know which school you are associated with (also to be on the reminder list). We will be sending a reminder email both one day and then one hour prior to the webinar beginning. 

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