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Managing Anxiety: Becoming Aware of What I Can Control

Managing Anxiety: Becoming Aware of What I Can Control

After years of suffering from frequent and sometimes paralyzing panic attacks and anxiety, I had come to a point where I finally felt (mostly) at peace. That is, until life changed abruptly with the coronavirus pandemic.

I built a small home cleaning business that I loved, with clients who felt like family. With flexible hours, I had the ability to be at home to get my two daughters on the bus every morning and off the bus every afternoon. Some days I would come home exhausted, but the fast-paced and physically challenging work did wonders in reducing the frequency and severity of my anxiety. I could not only shuffle my daughters to and from extracurricular activities but also help with some. I was in my fourth year of volunteering as their Girl Scout troop leader. I was feeling accomplished and content.

The weekend before Ohio schools were shut down, I remember telling my husband: “I’m considering getting a few extra things at the store…I know it’s silly, but you never know, right? Not a ton, just maybe some extra pantry food?”  Read more…

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