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York HOSA Students organize mental health awareness event

We were immensely proud to partner with Haley, Hannah, and Morgan on Sunday, March 1st. What a phenomenal turnout for this mental health presentation and panel.

We can’t thank Hillcrest Baptist Church enough for opening their doors and hearts and being so willing to begin this conversation. The panel did an amazing job of sharing what it means to have mental health? What it might feel like when it goes right/wrong? How they got professional help and how each of them used both their faith and community in their journey. The final moments of shared wisdom about what we can all do to help ourselves manage our stress and maintain positive coping strategies was a great reminder for all.

This presentation was 45-50 minutes of discussion and lived experience as each panel member bravely shared their journey of hope and recovery.
Thank you again for partnering with us. When we all tackle these conversations honestly and openly in our community, it helps others find their way to recovery.

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